Introducing our Vibratory Feeder Bowls What we feed: Bolt, Screw, Rivets, Nuts, Washers, Medical Devices, Plastic Parts, Machined Parts, Bottle Caps, Stampings, O-Rings, Valve spools, Cylinder Head Valves, Ammunition, Electrical components, and so on…

Introducing our AF-G20 vibratory 20 cubic foot hopper with Eriez vibratory tray and controls. Constructed with a welded steel frame and durable powder coat finish. Standard with fork pockets and adjustable door.
(Photo shown with bin dump stand inserted into hopper)

Introducing our AF-C2 bulk feeding conveyor system with a 2 cubic foot hopper, Eriez vibratory tray and controls. This ergonomic solution allows for product to be easily dumped into the hopper. Product can then be conveyed up to a higher place as the supporting system request. The conveyor is rubber cleated for soft handling and available in different lengths.

Introducing our AF-H2 hydraulic dumping system with a 2 cubic foot hopper. This is a good addition for customers who have multiple box sizes. Welded steel frame construction and Eriez vibratory tray with controls, allows this hydraulic dumper with a lever action door to meter parts into the hopper.

Introducing our AF-GCR40 vibratory 40 cubic foot hopper with automated part orientation system for hang by the head fasteners.
This system is designed to eliminate the need of a feeder bowl. It is designed to feed large fasteners but works on smaller ones also.

Additional Hopper Options

  • Inserted Bin Dump Stand for Flowmation bins.
  • 4 Load Cells between upper and lower frame for metering product based on weight.
  • Spray in Raptor Coating