Nail Inspection

Nail Inspection

Many people think nails are just a common item that do not require much on the quality side.  As a nail manufacturer, you know this is not true.  With our expertise in design, feeding, and vision systems, our inspection machines have become a demand that we have seen grow.  Whether you are in the construction fastener market, consumer market, or aerospace market, nail inspection is something that we can help with.

Our wide range of nail inspection machines have many different beneficial options, but here are a few popular features we incorporate into our systems to add more powerful inspection options for our clients:

  • Servo driven adjustments and automation
  • De-mag option
  • 360º inspection options
  • Hardness testing
  • And more!

Some common defects we look for are:

  • Over all length
  • Bent parts
  • Head cracks
  • Head deformities
  • Threads
  • Plating presence
  • Tip form
  • Nail Diameter
  • Much more!

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