Attica Automation AV-B100-G1 Inspection Machine is our original inspection machine designed for heavy, long bolts.  This inspection machine allows you to view both sides of the part while allowing you to inspect for defects like bearing surface defects.

AV Series Brochure (Eng.) AV Series Brochure (Esp.)

AV-B100-G1 Inspection Machine

The AV-B100-G1 Inspection Machine is a high speed inspection machine the incorporates multiple inspection methods while presenting the product with two different conveyor systems.  The subsystem that sets this inspection machine apart from the competition is the Attica Drive™ Magnetic Belt System.  This system carries the product with a split belt conveyor system for head inspection and then transfers the product to a magnetic belt conveyor system for side profiling and bottom inspection.  During this process, multiple inspection methods can be used to verify your part including:

  • Vision
  • Image Splitting
  • Eddy Current
  • Lasers
  • Physical Gauging