INTRODUCING the MiniScope Inspection System

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AV-R100 Inspection Machine - DefectWhen it comes to inspection, there are many different variables that come into play to get accurate and precise measurements. Each of our product lines of inspection equipment has been designed around different handling and feeding concepts to allow us to provide a solution for inspection and quality for virtually any style of part or product. It would be nice to have one machine that would fit every application, but we all know that this is not a good concept.  Design and engineering for a specific application while keeping standard options available keeps the cost of machinery low while allowing for the best performance for the type of products being inspected.

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AV Series Brochure (Eng.) AV Series Brochure (Esp.)

With that said, we have categorized our inspection and sorting equipment into three different categories. Please choose one of the options below:

AV-B100 Series
AV-B100 Inspection Machine Magnetic Belt
The AV-B100 Series uses conveyors, magnets, and many other technologies to feed and inspection your parts.
AV-D100 Series
AV-D100 Fastener Inspection Machine
The AV-D100 is our highly customizable rotary dial inspection system designed to use flat glass dials and slotted dials.  This allows us to use one machine to run many different parts.
AV-R100 Series
AV-R100 Inspection Machine Inside
The AV-R100 is our robotic inspection machines designed around your part.  Each machine is programmed and designed to fit your specific application.
AM-MG100 Series
AM-MG100 Inspection Machine
The AM-MG100 is our low cost physical inspection machine designed to mechanically gauge your parts.  This inexpensive solution allows you to streamline your processes for a low upfront cost.