Everyone has those parts that just do not fit into the normal form.  Trying to inspect and guarantee your part becomes almost impossible.  Our new AV-R100 Robotic Inspection Machine changes that!  Integrating robotics and inspection, our AV-R100 Inspection Machine is designed to fit into virtually any project.  This allows us to provide a full line of inspection machines for all your inspection and sorting needs.  Contact us today to fit this system to your needs!

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AV-R100 Inspection Machine

AV-R100 Inspection Machine InsideWith the technology and speed of the new robotic systems, Attica Automation is able to achieve some astounding results.  Each AV-R100 Inspection Machine is designed around a part family provided by our clients.  This means that while we can create a series of inspection machines, each machine will have its own customized options.  With this “outside the box” mindset,  we have been able to incorporate many different sub-systems into a system Here are some examples of different sub-systems that we have included with this model:

  • Assembly Station
  • Eddy Current Inspection Station
  • Laser Inspection Station
  • Press Station
  • Multi-Image Inspection Station
  • Paint Application Station
  • Wax Application Station
  • Integrated Specialized Piece Packaging

Case Studies

AV-R100 Fuel Nut Inspection and Packaging Machine