Screw Inspection

Screw Inspection Systems

Looking for a screw inspection system that is capable of inspecting a wide variety of screws?  Here at Attica Automation, we build high speed inspection systems to inspect a variety of parts including screws.  Whether you need a simple sorting machine for construction screw or a high end machine for aerospace applications, we can help! Here are a few highlights of the defects and qualities we can build into each inspection machine:

  • Dimensional Characteristics
  • Head Damage
  • Bit Verification
  • Thread Verification
  • Thread Damage
  • Heat Treat Verification
  • Plating Verification
  • Crack Defects
  • Up to 1000 PPM
  • And More!

Below is a list inspection machines that are specifically designed to inspect screws ranging from .250″ to 10″.

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