AM-NL Nut Locking and Assembly SystemsAM-NL Nut Locking Systems

With our expertise in the machine building industry, we have designed assembly and staking systems to create the nut locking feature on a variety of nuts.  Creating 15 tons of pressure, this machine has no issues creating the locking feature and logo desired. Contact us today to get more information on staking and assembly machines.

AV-R100 Robotic Inspection and Assembly SystemsAV-R100 Robotic Inspection and Assembly Systems

Everyone has those parts that just don’t fit into the normal form.  Trying to inspect and guarantee your part becomes almost impossible when a “one size fits all” approach is all you have to work with.  Our new AV-R100 Robotic Inspection and Assembly Systems change everything!

AM-D100 Assembly and Inspection SystemsAM-D100 Inspection and Assembly Systems

While we would prefer to build new equipment, we know that there is a need to upgrade older equipment to fit the new requirements your company has. Get that old machine out of the corner of your facility and make it a viable machine again.