AV-B100 Inspection systems
AV-B100 Magnetic Belt Inspection Machine
Thread Verification
AV-B100 Inspection Machine Magnetic Belt
AV-B100 Generation 3 Inspection Machine Split Belt

Attica Automation’s AV-B100 Inspection Systems were originally designed as a bolt and screw sorting machine, but it has grown into something spectacular. Built on a solid steel base, this inspection machine has been tailored to fit multiple products ranging from bolts, screws, washers, nuts, and rivets to hose fittings, airbag parts, and gaskets.   This inspection machine is designed to fit your sorting and inspection needs while still allowing you to customize it to fit specific applications.

AV Series Brochure (Eng.) AV Series Brochure (Esp.)

Flat Magnetic Conveyor

Bolts | Screws | Nuts


“V-Belt” Conveyor System

Headless parts


Flat Magnetic Conveyor

Bolts | Screws