AP-C200 Packaging Conveyor“Jonathan Bullinger, Vice President of Sales at Attica Automation, says “Here at Attica Automation, we strive to complete all our processes with the utmost proficiency.  We have found that packaging and handling is one of those necessary areas that can be automated to save time and money.  Many times we run clients who ask us to automate this process since it increases their time and money to produce their product.

Our solution to these issues is the Attica Packaging Conveyor System.  These systems are designed and built to not only automate the packaging process, but also include the following advantages:

  • Integration with current systems
  • Piece Count
  • Electric lift to ergonomic height

Some other options that have been built into our conveyor systems are robotic work cells.  We have designed our packaging systems to handle, sort, and box parts that are delicate as well as parts that need very specific packaging needs.  An example of this would be a conveyor system we designed for windshield washer shafts.  These shafts needed to be inspected and packaged without coming into contact with any other parts.  After designing the inspection and sorting system, we designed a robotic arm to grab, inspect, and package the parts in their client’s re-usable containers.”